Posted 3 months ago

Thoughts n beliefs

Entangled in you, i thought of what do i believe in this world..
"assumptions, allocations or authority…", each move surrounded by you and some unknown affinity.
All consumed but still want to broaden the scope of thinking.
All affirmed but still want to fight the presumption of losing.

Have read allot, to nullify the influence..
Have tried to shed cloak of inheritance!
Still all covered in some sheath of gold..All glittery but too painful to hold.
Capturing or conserving the scope that is acquired so far..
Challenging all hiding behind the bars.

Running the abashment, the abjection of abdicating my inner dwelling,
exasperated, fearful, with something under my skin crawling!

You told me one need to put on one’s thinking cap to attain Euphoria,
sounded a huge relief.

Put is through sieves..found a key that all it needs is a soul free of You..

A soul free of BELIEFS..!!

Posted 10 months ago


***Whenever..wherever..It begins..

_There is always some scuffle..distant . . distinct,

..some beautiful prints..!!

_Left for you and remember these lives,

inspiring ones inside..obligating ones desire!!

_To fire,

to shoot some higher!!

***Important is that beginning..that got destined with your hands..

Memorable will be the prints with these monochomatic bands..!!

***coalescing the inspiration with the desires of life..

To help accentuate an idea and its unseen inside..!! :)